Statement of Claim vs Queen in Right of Canada

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1. The Plaintiff, Mr. Sewak (“Mr. Sewak”), claims general, Charter, punitive, and aggravated  damages in the amount of $20,000,000 particularized as follows: 

• Compensatory damages for negligent or zero investigation, conspiracy either directly or as parties to a conspiracy w it h and within the Government of Alberta and the conservative  party through its employees and other unknown parties in the arbitrary detention, torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of mental distress, assault and battery, and misfeasance in public and political office; 

b) Charter damages pursuant to s. 24(1) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (the “Charter”) and an Order declaring that the Defendant has violated the Plaintiff’s rights  under ss. 2(a), 2(b), 2(d), 7, 8, 9, 10(a), 11(b), 11(d), 12, 15(1), of the Charter; 

c) Punitive and aggravated damages; 

d) In addition to the damages set out in subparagraphs (a), (b) and (c) above, the Plaintiff  claims for special damages in an amount to be determined with particulars provided prior to trial; 

e) Pre and post-judgment interest in accordance with ss. 36 and 37 of the Federal Courts Act, R.S.C., c. F-7; 

f) Costs on a substantial indemnity basis; and 

g) Such further and other relief as this Honourable Court deems just.


A. Overview of the claim 

2. (a) Shaneil Sewak is a Canadian Citizen who owns and operates several businesses in the Edmonton, Alberta  region. Mr. Sewak wants to donate a large rental property that was a bed and breakfast that was impacted  heavily during the pandemic. He has applied to become a registered charity and wants to donate the house to  it and convert the property to a Mental Health Treatment Center. Friends and family will tell you that Mr.  Sewak is a good member of the society and helps many people in many ways. Mr. Sewak was arrested many  times in Alberta due to his race and color of his skin. He was convicted three times because of inequality and  racism within the justice system in Alberta. The problem was raised through claims filed against the  Government of Alberta but was struck or stayed due to corruption and conspiracies within the government. Letters sent to the Government were covered up and ended without responses from the Government of  Alberta. 

2. (b) When Mr. Sewak was in grade 3, it was the beginning of a school year and him, his older brother and  younger sister were walking across the field school yard walking home which was a few blocks away.  Music class gave Mr. Sewak a flute recorder and it was so fascinating to Mr. Sewak that he was trying to  play it as they walked through the field. 2 classmates named Micheal and Shane approached Mr. Sewak  and his siblings and asked if Mr. Sewak wanted help playing the flute. Mr. Sewak’s brother asked if the  two young boys were his friends. Mr. Sewak stated yes they were his friends because he was excited two  kids from his class were so nice and wanted to help. The two boys waited for Mr. Sewak’s brother and  sister to walk ahead several meters before turning around and hitting Mr. Sewak with the flute over his  head. Both boys started kicking Mr. Sewak and saying “go back to your country paki”. Mr. Sewak’s  brother heard the screaming and crying from Mr. Sewak, ran to a tree took a branch off the tree and  chased the boys. Mr. Sewak cried all the way home several feet behind his siblings not understanding  what happened. Racism and hate crimes like this occurred to Mr. Sewak and his family for years. 

B. Shaneil’s Family 

3. Shaneil’s father Raj Kumar Sewak (Raj), was born in Fiji Island and became a Canadian Citizen once he  migrated to Canada searching for a better life. Raj worked for the Edmonton Public School board for  many years until he retired. Shaneil’s mother also works for the Edmonton Public School Board and is to  retire soon. Both Shaneils father and mother are still together. Mr. Sewak has one older brother and one  younger sister, two nephews and one niece. Mr. Sewak is married to Racheal Singh and they have a 3  month old Daughter named Zynthia Sewak. 

C. The Lending Company 

4. In 2010 Mr. Sewak started to lend money using people’s collateral, usually known as title loans. He  opened a company called C.A.I Loans.  

5. In 2012 Mr. Sewak created a new concept called Reciprica, which was a unique way of lending funds.

6. In and around 2012 Mr. Sewak hired Crystal Ackroyd as a manager. She is a Caucasian female residing in  Edmonton, AB. Crystal’s duties included, accepting collateral that was voluntarily dropped off and or  payments. 

7. On Oct 01, 2011 a loan was given to a Mr. Gene Manderson. Mr. Manderson is a Caucasian male. Mr.  Manderson gave his GMC Jimmy and a Honda motorcycle as collateral for a loan. Once again Crystal  Ackroyd was said to be present for accepting the payment and Crystal Ackroyd said that Mr. Gene  Manderson gave the keys and vehicles as a voluntary drop off and the items later were missing. Crystal  Ackroyd was told to go write a police statement of the occurrence. Crystal Ackroyd told Mr. Sewak that  she went to the west end police station to write a statement and wrote out a police report to the  occurrence. Mr. Sewak also wrote a very short police statement stating that the vehicles were supposed  to be there but no longer was and that Mr. Sewak was not present for the transaction. 

8. On Feb 02, 2012, a gentleman named Robert Mccrabb, a Caucasian male borrowed money from C.A.I  Loans and used his Fleetwood motorhome to secure the loan. Mr. Robert Mccrabb told Mr. Sewak that  he was coming into the office to pay off the loan. Instructions were given to Crystal Ackroyd to accept the  payment and file the paperwork. Crystal Ackroyd later said that the RV was dropped off instead of the  payment. When the RV was to be picked up from the rear of the building, it was not there. Crystal  Ackroyd was adamant that it was there. Crystal Ackroyd claimed that she hired a gentlemen named  Carter to assist her and would pay him commission from her budget. Mr. Sewak was not in the office  majority of the time. A little suspicious at this time, Mr. Sewak asked Crystal Ackroyd to take a picture of  her police report and send it to him. The top half of the report was sent. 

9. In and around July of 2012, Crystal Ackroyd wrote out a police report stating that she received keys to the  RV and the RV was dropped off. Mr. Robert Mccrabb was stopped by a police officer on the RV, and he  stated that he gave the payment to a female at the office. We later found out that the key Crystal  Ackroyd gave was not for an automobile and specifically not for that motorhome. 

10. On or about April 01, 2014 a constable Dehaas from the Edmonton Police Service contacted Mr. Sewak in  regards to the missing Honda Motorcycle that Gene Manderson used to get a loan. Mr. Sewak told the  officer that he was not present for the drop off of the motorcycle and they were to contact the manager  at the time named Crystal Ackroyd. Constable Dehaas showed aggression and a hate towards Mr. Sewak  from the beginning. A couple days later the constable showed up at Mr. Sewak’s office and told him that  he couldn’t find anyone named Crystal Ackroyd and charged Mr. Sewak for Public Mischief (Sec 139(2) of  the Criminal code of Canada). He stated he believed that there were no one named Crystal Ackroyd and  that Mr. Sewak made it all up. 

11. Thinking it was just a silly mistake on the part of the Constable, Mr. Sewak dealt directly with Mr. Adam  Garrett the crown prosecutor who also is a Caucasian male. Mr. Sewak told Adam Garrett that Crystal  Ackroyd wrote a police report of the incident and was willing to testify of the occurrence. Mr. Sewak  easily found Crystal Ackroyd on facebook. Mr. Garrett told Mr. Sewak that he sent the constable out to  question Crystal Ackroyd. During this whole time text messages and facebook messages confirm that  Crystal Ackroyd still claims she wrote a police report and that she is willing to come to court as well. For  two years the constable Dehaas, claims he tried to get a hold of Crystal Ackroyd but could not get a hold 

of her. One day Constable Dehaas, showed up at Mr. Sewak’s Residents in St Albert, AB and arrested and  charged Mr. Sewak for Obstruction of Justice. The constable was very aggressive and aggressively bent  Mr. Sewak’s arm and shoved him into the car and hurt Mr. Sewak. Constable Dehaas, a Caucasian male  police officer showed a personal hate towards Mr. Sewak. Mr. Sewak was detained and charged for  Obstruction of Justice. 

12. Constable Dehaas never questioned Mr. Sewak of the charges he was to be accused of. Constable Dehaas  went on zero evidence and solely relied on a Caucasian female’s words. Mr. Sewak had evidence of the  contrary but Constable Dehaas was certain that a Caucasian female was correct and such victim, because the accused was a colored man. Constable Dehaas didn’t want to see any evidence, he only wanted to see  Mr. Sewak in jail because of the color of his skin 

D. The Public Mischief Charge 

13. Mr. Sewak hired the law firm of Beaver Leebody and Associates. Lawyer Alex Seaman was hired to handle the public mischief charge (Sec 139(2) of the Criminal code of Canada). A full retainer was paid to the law  firm of Beaver Leebody and Associates. Various attempts to get a hold of Alex Seaman and the Beaver  Leebody and Associates were unanswered. Few days prior to the trial for the public mischief charge (Sec  139(2) of the Criminal code of Canada), Alex Seaman contacted Mr. Sewak and stated that Shawn Beaver  of Beaver Leebody and Associates stole everyone’s retainer including Mr. Sewak’s retainer and that  Alberta Law Society has shut down the firm Alex Seaman said she can no longer act for Mr. Sewak.  

14. Mr. Sewak scrambled to find a new attorney and was able to get one. A full retainer was given to a new  lawyer and a law firm. Because the trial date was days away, the new firm needed to get an adjournment based on the fact that Shawn Beaver stole all the retainers including Mr. Sewak’s retainer and fled,  resulting in the shutdown of the firm. The new lawyer stated that he needed the disclosure documents to  even try to defend Mr. Sewak on the charge.  

15. The Caucasian female judge looked up at Mr. Sewak, showed a disdain hate towards him and yelled at  him for adjourning the case too many times in the past and denied the adjournment. Mr. Sewak never  personally adjourned any day on this matter. The lawyer showed a lot of sympathy towards Mr. Sewak  and couldn’t understand why the judge was so angry at Mr. Sewak. The lawyer also said it was unheard of  

not to get an adjournment especially since there was these unique circumstances. A senior lawyer from  the firm took Mr. Sewak to the side and told Mr. Sewak that unfortunately he has to proceed with the  trial which would start in a couple of hours. The lawyer stated to Mr. Sewak that when the judge asks Mr.  Sewak of anything, state that because Mr. Sewak does not have a proper attorney that Mr. Sewak cannot defend himself and Mr. Sewak is to continue to say this for everything. 

16. In conclusion, the Caucasian male judge stated that Mr. Sewak was guilty and gave Mr. Sewak a short jail  sentence which was also very unheard of due to the type of charge and it being Mr. Sewak’s first offence. Mr. Sewak did the jail time and got a criminal record of conviction for (Sec 139(2) of the Criminal code of  Canada).

E. The Obstruction of Justice charge 

17. Alberta Courts in Edmonton, Alberta was completely back logged and there were not enough judges to  handle this said trial. A Judge from Sherwood Park was brought in to handle this trial. The judge is a  Caucasian elderly male by the name of Judge John Maher. 

18. Sherwood Park was rumored to be a more of a racist town for years but is starting to change. George  Lebessis tells Mr. Sewak that rumors have it that Mr. Judge Maher is known to be a racist Judge in Alberta and is known to treat some people differently and unfairly so its best not to talk or look up at him. 

19. Mr. Sewak hired George Lebessis and gave the full payment to Mr. Lebessis to defend Mr. Sewak on the  Obstruction of Justice charge. Ready with enough evidence for a not guilty verdict, Mr. Lebessis and Mr.  Sewak entered the trial for Obstruction of Justice.  

20. The Judge looked at Mr. Sewak once and did not want to look at him again, but his demeanor changed to  hate towards Mr. Sewak before the trial even started. The crown prosecutor was Ryan Jenkins a  Caucasian male. Ryan Jenkins was trying at all efforts to try to manipulate the judge in getting a guilty  verdict. Mr. Jenkins knew Crystal Ackroyd told 3 different stories. One with the police interview, a  different one during the public mischief charge and a new story with the Obstruction of Justice charge.  

21. When evidence was shown in court, Ryan Jenkins ignored the fact that his witness was committing perjury when he clearly knew she was. Mr. Jenkins also showed hate towards Mr. Sewak, he did not care  about what was right but instead at all means wanted to send Mr. Sewak to jail for a crime Mr. Jenkin  knew he did not commit and knew his witness was lying. Mr. Jenkins ignored the rules of court and  allowed the witness to read documents and evidence without asking it to be seen in court or listing it as  evidence. Mr. Judge Maher deliberately ignored all rules of court and allowed the witness to read  documents and evidence without asking it to be seen in court or listing it as evidence. Both Judge Maher  and prosecutor Ryan Jenkins knew that their only witness was now lying in numerous occasions and  eventually admitted she was lying after telling the court that a prior police report statement was true. 

22. From trial transcript – 

Goerge Lebassiss asks “Okay. Could you elaborate? You mentioned something about an RV. Have you ever been  asked by Mr. Sewak, the accused, to write a witness statement form pertaining to another vehicle? Crystal Ackroyd answers. “Yes.” 

Goerge Lebassiss asks “And was that form accurate and truthful”? Crystal Ackroyd answers. “Yes”. 

GEORGE LEBESSIS ASKS, “Okay. So, you mentioned earlier that Mr. Sewak had paid you to do drive-by; is that  correct”? 

Crystal ackroyd answers,” Yes”.

GEORGE LEBESSIS ASKS, “Are those the only things that you — those are the only — that’s the only thing that  you did with respect to that RV”? 

Crystal ackroyd answers,” Yes”. 

GEORGE LEBESSIS ASKS, “So if I was to mention that I have a copy of the witness statement form that you  provided to the police –” 

Crystal ackroyd answers, “Mm-hm”. 

GEORGE LEBESSIS ASKS, “– you never, in fact, met with the person who dropped off the RV; is that correct”? Crystal ackroyd answers, “Not that I remember”. 

GEORGE LEBESSIS ASKS, “But on your police witness statement form with respect to that matter you say you  did. Isn’t that true”?  

Crystal ackroyd answers, “I don’t know if that’s true”. 

MR.LEBESSIS: “May I approach the witness”? 

JUDGE J. MAHER: “You can return, Mr. Lebessis, if she has the statement”. 

MR. LEBESSIS: “Thank you, sir. Sorry, sir”. 

Crystal Ackroyd says, “Okay”. 

MR. LEBESSIS: Sir, can I retrieve the document again? Thank you, sir. 

GEORGE LEBESSIS ASKS, “Do you recognize that document, Ms. Ackroyd”? 

Crystal ackroyd answers, “I do”. 

GEORGE LEBESSIS ASKS, “And what — can you explain to the Court what this document is”? 

Crystal ackroyd answers, “Yeah. That is the witness statement form that I — or the report that I handed in and  signed”. 

GEORGE LEBESSIS ASKS, “Okay. And this is with respect to a separate incident regarding an RV; is that  correct”? 

Crystal ackroyd answers, “Correct”. 

GEORGE LEBESSIS ASKS, “Okay. And you mentioned on this report two minutes ago that you stated to the  Court that you only did the drive-by but yet on this report you state clearly you accepted the keys from somebody,  you witnessed the RV dropped off on the lot but none of that truthful, is it”? 

Crystal ackroyd answers, “No”. 


Crystal Ackroyd answers, “Yes”.


23. Judges decision, from Trial Transcript: 

THE COURT: “Well, the Crown case depends entirely on the 

credibility of Ms. Ackroyd. If her evidence is to be disbelieved and not believed or even leaves a doubt, then the accused is entitled to be acquitted. I listened very closely to Ms. Ackroyd’s  evidence. I thought she made an excellent witness. Her testimony was consistent.” 

24. Section 22, proves that Judge Maher listened very closely to Crystal Ackroyds testimony. Crystal  Ackroyds was inconsistent, easily to be disbelieved and she blunt out lied and then admitted she  lied after saying it was the truth. 

25. The judge was going to give a verdict of guilty no matter what the evidence said, because Mr.  Sewak was already judged on the color of his skin and his business status. 

26. The crown and the judge were arbitrary throughout the procedure, the verdict and the sentencing. 

27. At this point, Ryan Jenkins now knows for sure that Crystal Ackroyd is lying on these reports that  she wrote on her own without anyone bribing her. Ryan Jenkins is now working towards putting  Mr. Sewak in jail because he hates him.  

28. When defense attorney George Lebessis brings up these blunt facts that Crystal Ackroyd is a liar and  she lied in court, Judge Maher tries to argue these facts with George Lebessis completely confusing  George Lebessis. 

29. Judge John Maher contradicts everything that happened in the trial and convicts Mr. Sewak as guilty  and awaits pre-sentence report. 

30. Judge John Maher reached his verdict of guilty before the trial started and the second he saw Mr. Sewak, he made the decision of a guilty verdict. 

31. The Crown Prosecutor Ryan Jenkins wanted to give a large jail sentence of 12 months to Mr. Sewak  even though it was not common for such a harsh punishment on this type of crime. The defense  lawyer George Lebessis requested a presentence report to see if Mr. Sewak was able to serve the  sentence if given, in the community.  

F. The Presentence Report 

32. Jennifer Killips is a Caucasian female and the probation officer who was appointed to interview Mr.  Sewak for the pre-sentence report. Mr. Sewak told Jennifer Killips exactly what happened. He also  told Jennifer Killips he was a businessman and grew up with a good family. Mr. Sewak’s wife said  the same and so did his parents. Jennifer Killips was only supposed to tell the court if Mr. Sewak was  fit to do time in the community instead of jail time. In Jennifer Killips report she only relies on the on 

statements from the police officer Constable Dehaas who already showed hate towards Mr. Sewak  and the report mentions Mr. Sewak charged a lot of money in his loan business. Something about Mr.  Sewak being a colored man in Canada making money and being a successful business man didn’t sit  right with Jennifer Killips or anyone else in this matter. She doesn’t follow proper protocol. She  didn’t believe Mr. Sewak, even though Mr. Sewak had the trial transcripts and evidence to prove his  statements. Jennifer Killips denied to look at it. Jennifer Killips suggested to the court that Mr. Sewak  get jail time. 

G. Sentencing day 

33. Judge Maher gave dirty looks of hate at Mr. Sewak of pure hate throughout the sentence trial and gave Mr. Sewak 15 months of jail time. 

34. Mr. Sewak was remanded where he got into fights instantly. He was then shipped off to  Spyhill Calgary Facility. Mr. Sewak hired reputable lawyer Nathan Whitling to appeal his case.  Nate revised the case properly and he took the time and effort to drive all the way to Calgary and  pulled Mr. Sewak out of the unit and discussed the case in a private room. Nathan Whitling said  after he revised all the documents that he true heartedly believed that Mr. Sewak was innocent and  was wrongfully convicted. Mr. Whitling shortly got Mr. Sewak out of jail on an appeal basis. 

Mr. Sewak had difficulty getting back to work with all the stress. He could not afford to stay with Mr.  Whitling so Mr. Sewak was appointed to Derek Anderson to continue the case. Mr. Anderson wanted to  go after the lawyer George Lebessis. An appeal was filed. 

35. Mr. Derek Anderson told Mr. Sewak it was the best appeal case he has ever seen in all the years of  him being a lawyer. Mr. Derek Anderson said that the only hurdle is that the three Appeal judges  are known to be racist judges and have a tendency to be unfair and treat certain people in a  different way. 

36. While waiting on the appeal, Mr. Sewak filed a claim against Jennifer Killips and Alberta  Community Corrections dated January 31, 2019. The documents we were served weeks after  through a legal process server from the Edmonton, AB area.  

37. No statement of defense was filed within the time frame allowed. Mr. Sewak wanted answers and  needed closure on why everything happened and why these people hated him so much without  knowing him. So Mr. Sewak had the documents served again. Months passed with no statement of  defense filed. 

38. On May 15, 2019 a Notice of default was filed on the claim court file number 190302426. 

39. Before Mr. Sewak could proceed with his claim, an email from Derek Anderson said that Mr.  Sewak lost his appeal and had to turn himself into the Edmonton Remand Center. No appeal  hearing was given to Mr. Sewak.  

40. Mr. Sewak went to the Edmonton Remand and then went to Fort Saskatchewan corrections. 

41. Mr. Sewak went from being a business man to working with gangs inside of the jail. Mr. Sewak  witnesses an inmate friend get horribly beaten by guards and tells his wife on the phone about it. 

The phone gets cut off and the day after there is gang unit and dogs in the unit. Mr. Sewak is  escorted out and put in the hole. He was told that someone put a note saying he was going to get  stabbed for his canteen. Mr. Sewak starts getting treated really badly in the hole with no canteen  and not much food and horrible freezing conditions for 9 days until he is shipped out without  reason to Lethbridge Correctional Center.  

42. Mr. Sewak endures many injuries working outside in horrible conditions, he continues to get into  fights and witnesses peoples teeth getting kicked in and other horrors in jail. 

43. Mr. Sewak worked in outdoor crew in Lethbridge correctional and works daily in treacherous  conditions. Even in -30 working outside without gloves at times. Mr. Sewak got gloves only a  week before he got into a fight and got moved to Unit 6, gang unit. He asked for gloves and  proper boots for months and was denied. It was extreme hostile conditions in the unit and  outdoors. 

44. Mr. Sewak’s wife worked relentlessly to fight for her husband in jail and the horrible conditions  he face inside jail.  

45. Mr. Sewaks’s wife Racheal Singh contacted many MLA’s and some said to contact Jason Kenney  directly because of the sensitivity of the situation. Racheal Singh emailed many letters to Jason  Kenney and his office with zero response. 

H. The Alberta Lawyer 

46. A lawyer from Alberta named Hillary Flaherty contacted Mr. Sewak’s wife, Racheal Singh while  Mr. Sewak was at the Lethbridge Corrections. Hillary Flaherty stated to Mrs. Singh that she had  connections in the justice system and that if Mr. Sewak dropped the lawsuit then she could get Mr.  Sewak out of jail. Hillary Flaherty slightly changed the wording during a call to the jail while it  was being recorded. Mr. Sewak did not agree to drop the lawsuit. 

47. When Mr. Sewak came out of jail in 2020 during the pandemic. Hillary Flaherty told Mr. Sewak  that his claim was struck. 

48. Mr. Sewak emailed and contacted many MLA’s and Jason Kenney many times with no response. He was exhausted writing letters and emails to Jason Kenney and his office. Jason kenney ignored Mr.  Sewak. 

I.The Alberta Premier  

49. In the beginning of August of 2020, Mr. Sewak wrote a long letter of frustration to Jason Kenney  of the racism and human rights violation that occurs within the Alberta Justice system. On August  25, 2020 Kaycee Madu was elected as the Justice Minister of Alberta. 

50. On August 27, 2020 another long email was sent to Jason Kenney with no response until August  04, 2021 shortly before Justin Trudeau announced that there would be another election. The email  was from Kaycee Madu on behalf of Jason Kenney.


51. Kaycee Madu suggested to file a complain with Human Rights Commission. 

52. Mr. Sewak responded to the email on August 21, 2021 asking to refer to what letter is Mr. Madu, on behalf of Jason Kenney is he responding to. Within half hour another email came from Mr.  Madu with the enclosed letter dated August 27, 2020 that Mr. Sewak wrote. 

53. Numerous emails were sent to Mr. Madu and Alberta Premier Jason Kenney between Sept 01,  2021 and Sept 09, 2021. All Emails were unanswered by both by the Alberta Premier Jason  Kenney and Minister Kaycee Madu. 

54. On Sept 01, and Sept 08 of 2021 letters were sent to Erin Otoole that were completely  unanswered. Erin Otool was running to be the Prime Minister of Canada. 

55. On October 12, 2021 weeks after the election, Minister Kaycee Madu finally replies to Mr.  Sewak’s email on a brief excuse on why he can’t help and that he will no longer be discussing the  matter. 

56. Human Rights Commission revised the case and suggested that the only resolution is to file a  claim on human rights and chart violation with the federal government.  

J. Second claim 

57. After talking to an attorney, Mr. Sewak was advised to file a claim on numerous members of the  original matter. On January 04, 2021 Mr. Sewak filed a claim file court number 2103.00001 against , Jennifer Killips, Neil Dehaas, Government of Alberta, Premier Jason Kenney, Judge  John Maher, Ryan Jenkins, Hillary Flaherty and Justice and Solicitor General Government of  Alberta. 

58. The claim action was stayed by Associate Chief justice K.G Neilson. 

59. A reply Letter to Memorandum of Decision of associate chief justice K.G. Nielson was filed on February 08, 2021. 

K. Point Form overview 

60. (“The Plaintiff, “), is a person who resides in Alberta carrying on business as a Chief Executive Officer of a  corporation by the name of C.A.I Financial in Alberta.


61. The Plaintiff was charged for Obstruction of Justice and had the trial in and around of February of 2017. 

62. The plaintiff was charged for public mischief in and around 2013. 

63. The only witness against the Plaintiff was Crystal Ackroyd, the Plaintiff’s Manager for his loan  company. 

64. Crystal Ackroyd is a Caucasian female who resides in the province of Alberta 65. The charges were made by Constable Dehaas from the Edmonton Police Service. 66. Constable Dehaas is a Caucasian male who resides in the Province of Alberta. 67. Constable Dehaas never questioned the plaintiff in his investigation. 

68. Constable Dehaas never asked the plaintiff to see any text messages, facebook messages or any  other evidence that proved that the witness Crystal Ackroyd was lying. 

69. Constable Dehaas made the choice to believe Crystal Ackroyd without any evidence or without  questioning the Plaintiff on his side of the story. 

70. Constable Dehaas originally charged the plaintiff for Public Mischief. 

71. Constable Dehaas showed a disdained hate for the plaintiff during the charges and the arrests 

72. The lawyer hired was Alex Seaman from the Shawn Beaver law Firm for the original Public  Mischief charge. 

73. Alex Seaman notified the plaintiff that Shawn Beaver stole everyone’s retainer. Alex Seaman  notified this to the plaintiff few days before the public mischief trial. 

74. The plaintiff immediately searched for new council. 

75. The plaintiff hired new council. 

76. New council asked for an adjournment because they did not have a disclosure yet from Alex  Seaman and needed it to prepare for the trial. 

77. The Public Mischief adjournment judge was a Caucasian female who denied the adjournment and  showed hate and anger towards the plaintiff. 

78. The public mischief Judge was a Caucasian male who showed no mercy to the plaintiff due to his  circumstances and gave a guilty verdict to the plaintiff who did not know what to do, to say or had 


any documents or witnesses due to the circumstances. A guilty verdict and a jail sentence was given  to the plaintiff. 

79. The plaintiff helplessly served his sentence for the public mischief charge. 

80. The Lawyer, George Lebessis was the defense council at the time of the Obstruction of Justice trial. 

81. The only witness against the Plaintiff was Crystal Ackroyd, the Plaintiff’s Manager for his loan  company. 

82. The charge for Obstruction of Justice and public mischief was in regard to a police report on a  stolen vehicle of a Jimmy and a Honda motorcycle. 

83. The plaintiff simply wrote on the police report that the vehicles were supposed to be there, but  they were not and the only person that was there for the transaction was Crystal Ackroyd. 

84. Crystal Ackroyd said that the debtor did not pay back the loan but instead forfeited the vehicles  and that the vehicles were parked in the back lot. 

85. Crystal Ackroyd wrote a police report and told the plaintiff she submitted it at the west end police  department. 

86. No one could find Crystal Ackroyd’s police report. 

87. The plaintiff asked crystal Ackroyd to write another police report. 

88. Crystal Ackroyd said she forgot what happened because it was such a long time ago. 89. The plaintiff revised Crystal Ackroyd and asked her to write another police report. 90. Crystal Ackroyd wrote and signed another police report on the Jimmy and the motorcycle. 

91. The small town of Sherwood Park was rumored to be a racist town at one point and still has a lot  of bigotry and racism. 

92. There were no Edmonton judges available for the trial of Obstruction of Justice charge. 93. A Sherwood park judge was appointed to be the trial judge in Edmonton, AB. 94. The plaintiff did not agree to this but could not do anything. 

95. George Lebasiss, the plaintiff’s council stated that Judge J. Maher was known to be a racist judge  and that the trial could be difficult.


96. Crystal Ackroyd lied throughout the trial and contradicted herself on many occasions and this was  proven by the evidence provided to the witness to read and also she eventually admitted she had  lied after she told the court she was telling the truth on another occasion. 

97. Crystal Ackroyd claimed she never knew about the plaintiff’s loan company, yet she wrote about  it in two separate police reports and even emailed the loan companies email address asking for  money which she always asked for. 

98. The only witness Crystal Ackroyd was given text messages and facebook messages incriminating  her in court. 

99. The only witness Crystal Ackroyd, was given another police report in regard to a stolen RV that  she wrote and signed. 

100. Crystal Ackroyd admits she wrote the report in regard to a RV and states that it is all  truthful. 

101. From trial transcript – 

Goerge Lebassiss asks “Okay. Could you elaborate? You mentioned something about an RV. Have  you ever been asked by Mr. Sewak, the accused, to write a witness statement form pertaining to  another vehicle? 

Crystal Ackroyd answers. “Yes.” 

Goerge Lebassiss asks “And was that form accurate and truthful”? Crystal Ackroyd answers. “Yes”. 

GEORGE LEBESSIS ASKS, “Okay. So, you mentioned earlier that Mr. Sewak had paid you to do  drive-by; is that correct”? 

Crystal ackroyd answers,” Yes”. 

GEORGE LEBESSIS ASKS, “Are those the only things that you — those are the only — that’s the  only thing that you did with respect to that RV”? 

Crystal ackroyd answers,” Yes”. 

GEORGE LEBESSIS ASKS, “So if I was to mention that I have a copy of the witness statement  form that you provided to the police –” 

Crystal ackroyd answers, “Mm-hm”. 

GEORGE LEBESSIS ASKS, “– you never, in fact, met with the person who dropped off the RV; is  that correct”? 

Crystal ackroyd answers, “Not that I remember”. 

GEORGE LEBESSIS ASKS, “But on your police witness statement form with respect to that matter  you say you did. Isn’t that true”? 


Crystal ackroyd answers, “I don’t know if that’s true”. 

MR.LEBESSIS: “May I approach the witness”? 

JUDGE J. MAHER: “You can return, Mr. Lebessis, if she has the statement”. MR. LEBESSIS: “Thank you, sir. Sorry, sir”. 

Crystal Ackroyd says, “Okay”. 

MR. LEBESSIS: Sir, can I retrieve the document again? Thank you, sir. 

GEORGE LEBESSIS ASKS, “Do you recognize that document, Ms. Ackroyd”? Crystal ackroyd answers, “I do”. 

GEORGE LEBESSIS ASKS, “And what — can you explain to the Court what this document is”? 

Crystal ackroyd answers, “Yeah. That is the witness statement form that I — or the report that I  handed in and signed”. 

GEORGE LEBESSIS ASKS, “Okay. And this is with respect to a separate incident regarding an RV;  is that correct”? 

Crystal ackroyd answers, “Correct”. 

GEORGE LEBESSIS ASKS, “Okay. And you mentioned on this report two minutes ago that you  stated to the Court that you only did the drive-by but yet on this report you state clearly you  accepted the keys from somebody, you witnessed the RV dropped off on the lot but none of that  truthful, is it”? 

Crystal ackroyd answers, “No”. 


Crystal ackroyd answers, “Yes”. 

102. Ryan Jenkins was the Crown Prosecutor for the Obstruction of Justice trial. 103. Ryan Jenkins is a Caucasian male employed by the Province of Alberta. 104. Ryan Jenkins did not ask to see the documents handed to the witness as evidence. 105. Ryan Jenkins did not mark the documents handed to his witness as exhibits 

106. Ryan Jenkins knew the documents were incriminating to the witness and chose not to ask  to see it in court when this is normal procedure.


107. Ryan Jenkins knew that his witness was lying and continued to lie in court. 108. Judge Maher did not ask to see the documents handed to the witness as evidence. 109. Judge Maher did not mark the documents handed to his witness as exhibits 

110. Judge Maher knew the documents were incriminating to the witness and chose not to ask  to see it in court when this is normal procedure. 

111. Judge Maher knew that the witness was lying and continued to lie in court. 

112. Judge Maher’s conclusion statement from the transcript: “Well, the Crown case depends  entirely on the credibility of Ms. Ackroyd. If her evidence is to be disbelieved and not believed or  even leaves a doubt, then the accused is entitled to be acquitted”. 

“I listened very closely to Ms. Ackroyd’s evidence. I thought she made an excellent witness. Her testimony was consistent”. 

113. Judge Maher decided that the plaintiff was guilty before the trial even began. 

114. The Plaintiff applied for a presentence report through the St. Albert Community  Corrections. 

115. Jennifer Killips was appointed as the probation officer on the presentence report. 116. Jennifer Killips is a Caucasian female employed by the government of Alberta. 

117. The Plaintiff told The defendant, Jennifer Killips the whole story and that there were  evidence to back up his story. 

118. Jennifer Killips acted like she believed the plaintiff and refused to see any of the evidence  including the trial transcript which was available. 

119. Jennifer Killips report states that she did not believe the Plaintiff. 120. Jennifer Killips did not gather up the facts surrounding the Plaintiff’s statement. 121. Jennifer Killips suggested to the judge that the Plaintiff, gets jail time. 122. Ryan Jenkins showed hate and determination to put the plaintiff in jail at the sentence. 123. Judge Maher showed hate and determination to put the plaintiff in jail at the sentence. 124. Judge Maher sentenced the Plaintiff to 15 months of jail time.


125. The plaintiff does in and around 30 days in jail before hiring Nate whitling as council  who stated that the plaintiff is innocent and bailed him out of jail pending appeal trial. 

126. The plaintiff hired nates colleague Derek Anderson for the appeal trial. 127. Derek Anderson states that the 3 appeal judges for Alberta are known to be racist. 128. The three appeal judges are Caucasian females. 

129. Derek Anderson states to the plaintiff that it’s the best appeal case he has ever worked  with in his whole career. 

130. Derek Anderson states to the plaintiff that he does not need to show up for a court date.  Derek Anderson calls the plaintiff and states that the appeal judges are mad and they want the  plaintiff to attend the court proceeding.  

131. The plaintiff rushes to the court house. 

132. The three appeal judges look at the plaintiff with disgust and hate and screams at the  plaintiff for not showing up. Derek Anderson pleads to the judges that it was his fault, but the  judges are furious with hate towards the plaintiff. 

133. Months later the three appeal judges reject the plaintiffs appeal without giving the  plaintiff an appeal hearing. 

134. The plaintiff gets 72 hours to turn himself in to jail. 

135. In and around Jan 31, 2019 the plaintiff filed a Statement of Claims in the Court of  Queen’s Bench in Alberta. 

136. The defendants were served more than once without any defense filed. The plaintiff  waited to see what the defense would be, so he waited a long time.  

137. The Plaintiff filed a notice of default in and around May 15, 2019 

138. Very shortly after serving the Notice of Default appeal judges rejected the plaintiffs  appeal and sent him to jail where he could not continue his claim and had to fight for his life. 

139. Hillary Flaherty was the lawyer appointed to handle the file by the Alberta Government. 140. Hillary Flaherty contacted the plaintiff’s wife while the plaintiff was in jail.


141. Hillary Flaherty stated to the plaintiff’s wife that she has connections and that she can get  the plaintiff out of jail if he withdraws his statement of claims. 

142. Hillary Flaherty starts calling the plaintiff in jail and states that she can get him out for a  few days is he withdraws his statement of claims. 

143. Hillary Flaherty tried to send documents to the plaintiff in jail which caused a lot of  problems with the plaintiff with other inmates. 

144. The plaintiff did not receive any documents in jail. 

145. The plaintiff was completely unaware of any court proceedings to have his claim struck. 

146. Jason Kenney and his team ignores Mr. Sewak for almost a year until the election is  announced in 2021. 

147. Jason Kenney tries to cover up his tracks by appointing a black Justice of Minister in  Alberta by the name of Kaycee Madu. 

148. Jason Kenney tries to cover his tracks by replying to a letter written by Mr. Sewak one  year later only because of the election and to give Erin O’Toole a chance to become the Prime  Minister of Canada. 

149. Jason Kenney, Erin O’Tool and Kaycee Madu ignores all letters written by Mr. Sewak in  the matters for the whole duration of the election. 

150. Kaycee Madu writes a final letter on Oct 12, 2021 and states he will no longer  communicate about the issues. 

151. Human Rights Commission revised the case and suggested that the only resolution is to  file a claim on human rights and chart violation with the federal government.  

L. DUI CHARGE ( Dates and times will need to be confirmed at a later date) 152. Mr. Sewak and his cousin Ashwin go to a brewhouse on 97 street in Edmonton, AB 153. Both Mr. Sewak and Ashwin get shots called paralyzers sent to the table by the manager.  154. These shots intoxicate Mr. Sewak to the point he can no longer drive. 

155. Ashwin drives Mr. Sewak’s Lexus RX350.


156. Mr. Sewak tells Ashwin Chand he is too drunk to drive and tells him to pull over and sleep it off,  Mr. Sewak intoxicated passes out in the vehicle. Hours later police bang on the window of the vehicle, drag Mr. Sewak out, bangs his head on the police hood of the car. Police detain Mr.  Sewak and charged him for a DUI, Mr. Sewak’s shirt is covered in blood from a bleeding nose  and cut up lips by the Edmonton Police officers. The two Police officers are Caucasian males. 

157. The two charges for the DUI was Care and Control and a Refusal. The Caucasian Judge states not  guilty for the care and control but gave a guilty verdict for a refusal. Lawyers revised the  transcript and states its very unusual to give a not guilty on the DUI but still give a guilty charge  for the refusal. 


158. In the day of question, (dates will be confirmed prior to trial) Mr. Sewak, his wife and  many friends stayed at the Beachfront resort at Sylvan Lake, Alberta. The group decided to take a  walk on the strip and get food. As they came downstairs, a man with a crowbar came out of his  suite and started swinging at the group. The boys confronted him while the girls called the police.  The man claimed his cousin was with the RCMP and they will have his side. He ran back into his  suite. 

159. Minutes later, Mr. Sewak and a family member went down strip to get food and drinks.  

160. When Mr. Sewak returned, the RCMP was in the complex. The RCMP stated Mr. Sewak was the black man that got in a fight with them on the strip earlier when they responded to a fight  that a black man caused. Mr. Sewak was forcefully arrested and was physically abused on the  way to a holding cell. Mr. Sewak was made fun of his last name by the police who were two  Caucasian police officers. He was charged by the racist police officers and was released by new  officers the next morning. 

161. When Mr. Sewak asked what he was being charged for, the constables were being  immature and silly and kept making fun of Mr. Sewak’s race and last name. Asking if Mr.  Sewak’s dad wore a turban. Mr. Sewak told the officers that he was not sihk. Mr. Sewak was  eventually told that he was admitting that he was the “nig**r that was fighting on the strip earlier and that they knew he was him. 

162. The east Indian owner of beach front resort said that the police were very racist with her  making derogatory comments. 

163. After lengthy lawyers and 9 witnesses the charges were dropped. 


164. Mr. Sewak calls the Edmonton Police and wants to ask a question about domestic  violence and if throwing a frozen water bottle at someone is a crime. The caller starts to be very 


rude once he gets all of Mr. Sewak’s information. The officer hangs up on Mr. Sewak numerous  times before contacting the St. Albert RCMP. The RCMP bang on the door hours later of Mr.  Sewak’s residents in St .Albert after Mr. Sewak and his wife are already sleeping. The police  officers are a Caucasian female and a Caucasian male. They accused Mr. Sewak of drinking and were very aggressive and said they need to come in the house and search it. 

165. Mr. Sewak told both officers that they are not allowed to enter the home. The officer  pushed Mr. Sewak down and barged in and started walking all over the house and woke up his  wife who was frantic. 

166. When the officers didn’t find anything, they were leaving, Mr. Sewak asked for both  badge numbers and their business cards. Both officers refused. Mr. Sewak was persistent and  said he was going to file a complaint, the officer forcefully took Mr. Sewak down and arrested  him and charged him. 

167. The charges were later dropped at trial. 


168. In and around January 22, 2021, Edmonton police parked a block away and walked up to  Mr. Sewak’s house in St Albert and wrang the doorbell to arrest and charge Mr Sewak. A half  hour later a Caucasian female constable called Mr. Sewak on his cell phone and stated that he was  being charged for Sexual Assault and setting up a place for Sexual Assault. Mr. Sewak was  arrested and charged. Mr. Sewak’s wife was 6 months pregnant at the time. 

169. The incident in question happened On New Years Eve, the date of Dec 31, 2020. Mr.  Sewak had an office on St. Albert trail and a 7100 sq ft mansion in Sturgeon County that he  converted into a rooming house due to the pandemic. Initially a girl named Shavon Hudson  replied to a listing for the room to rent on an advertisement on on November 22, 2020.  She was requesting to rent a room for her and her boyfriend. Shavon Hudson was persistent in  Enquiring about the room for rent, so eventually Mr. Sewak called Shavon for an interview, it was conducted by Mr. Sewak, late December of 2020, but Shavon Hudson came alone. Shavon  Hudson stated that her boyfriend beat her up, stole her money and took off on her so she was  living out of a car. Mr. Sewak denied Shavon the rental because of His and his wife’s policy of no  single women were allowed to rent a room due to complications that could arise. Only couples or  single men were allowed. Shavon Hudson asked if Mr. Sewak was hiring and how to apply. Mr.  Sewak gave Shavon a link to the Edmonton Job Bank listing where two positions needed to be  filled. 

170. Mr. Sewak had a company he opened called Ambitius Marketing,  Him and his wife discussed that they needed an office manager. They also discussed to hire an assistant  for Sewak Group of companies to manage all the other businesses and the covid relief program  applications along with the new charity they were about to open for Mental Health Treatment. 

171. On Dec, 31, 2020 Corporate Leader Justin Ng was present at the office on St. Albert trail  in Edmonton, AB. Mr. Sewak was present in his office as well. 3 of Mr. Sewak’s friends came to  surprise him for new years. Dennis, Kwame and Peter. A picture of the guys were taken. A lady 


named Maylin applied for the job and was persistent into getting an interview. Maylin’s last name  cannot be mentioned due to a publication ban. She was called down to the office and was let in  by Justin Ng who was very professional. Maylin was asked to wait in the waiting room where  also Mr. Sewak’s friends were waiting because Mr. Sewak was in a meeting. Justin Ng only did  the interviews but got too busy when he took too long on one of his interviews, so Mr. Sewak  interviewed Maylin and was professional and respectful and only went as far as shaking her hand. 

172. Unaware at the time but Maylin and Mr. Sewak’s three friends struck a conversation with  Maylin and her new years eve plans. She was invited back to the office by one of Mr. Sewak’s  friends who went by the alias Leo at times. Maylin showed up later in a dress and party favors for  Mr. Sewak’s friends. Maylin was too high and being obnoxious and persuasive especially with  one of Mr. Sewak’s friends. Mr. Sewak’s wife texted saying she was coming to the office and  Maylin was told politely to leave many times. Maylin eventually left but not without leaving a  note with a heart on it for Mr. Sewak on his desk which Mr. Sewak was unaware of. Mr. Sewak’s  wife later found the note. Days went by and Maylin kept calling the office number harassing Mr.  Sewak for the job and wanted to come visit but was denied both.  

173. The police never exercised proper procedure in sexual assault cases. Mr. Sewak filed a  concern with the Edmonton Police. A link to the Edmonton police website describing sexual  assault charge procedures were sent with a concern report filed by Mr. Sewak. Since then, the  link to that site has changed the information on the website which leads to it, this being another  cover up by Edmonton Police. The link to the site stated that because of how serious the charge of  sexual assault can be and of the many false complaints the Edmonton Police will do a lengthy and  thorough investigation and all parties get interviewed. The complainant is Caucasian female and  the constable that charged Mr. Sewak is a Caucasian female.  

174. No one from the incident night of Dec 31, 2020 were questioned. Mr. Sewak was never  questioned. Peter was a prime witness for Mr. Sewak and was willing to testify for Mr. Sewak  but unfortunately he passed away on February 17, 2020. Police had plenty of time to question him  prior if they followed proper procedures. A line up was shown to Maylin and all the guys were  light skin color except for Mr. Sewak. All the men from Dec. 31, 2020 was dark skin in  complexion except Justin Ng.  

175. Maylin’s complaint was that someone tried to touch her dress and that sexually explicit  language was used during her get together. The truth was that Maylin was the most sexual in  nature and tried to persuade the gentleman into doing many things, but no one went that far.  

Maylin tried to set up a web of traps for the gentleman. She came to the office “high” on drugs  and willingly admitted to it, and offered drugs to Mr. Sewak’s friends.  

176. Since then, Maylin has contacted Mr. Sewak numerous times along with a boyfriend of hers, both trying to extort money from Mr. Sewak, in return they would drop the charges. Shavon  Hudson also posted many false accusations online towards Mr. Sewak and both girls have been  trying to extort money from Mr. Sewak. Both Shavon Hudson and Maylin are both known to be  drug sellers and users. 

177. Mr. Sewak is unable to put a complaint on the extortion. The constable that charged Mr.  Sewak was a Caucasian female. She has treated Mr. Sewak differently because of the color of his 


skin. She immediately thought of him to be guilty of these crimes without questioning him or  following any other proper procedures. The Edmonton Police instantly believed a Caucasian female on a complaint towards a colored business man. The complaint was bizarre and didn’t make sense and easily can be told that there was a motive behind it. The police oversaw this  because Mr. Sewak is a colored business man. 

178. Knowing this incident happened on new years eve, police should and would have  investigated this situation more and would have questioned Mr. Sewak or his friends if he was  white. 

179. Mr. Sewak has abundant of evidence to contradict Maylin’s story. Phone records show  Maylin called numerous times to the office after Dec 31, 2020, 3 witness statements states that  there were 4 other people and that Maylin was high and doing drugs. 3 witness statements say  that Mr. Sewak was as professional as he could be in that situation. A note left on the desk of Mr.  Sewak’s office will match Maylins writing. A picture was taken of the gentleman of the night in  question, some taken by Maylin. Evidence will show the company for the office was created  years ago, that Justin did most of the interviews and it was a legitimate company, office and job  listings. The numbered company used for the business was opened over a year ago from the  incident date. Evidence of phone calls made to try to extort money from Mr. Sewak is available.  Ex-boyfriends and friends of Maylin can testify that Maylin is a drug addict. 


180. The Defendant has violated the Plaintiff’s rights under ss. 2(a), 2(b), 2(d), 7, 8, 9,  10(a), 11(b), 11(d), 12, 15(1), of the Charter; 

181. Charter Subsection 2(a), freedom of conscience and religion; Mr. Sewak has been  violated of his right to religion, race and color of his skin because the justice system’s hate  towards his religion, race and skin color has withheld Mr. Sewak to freely walk around as  himself. 

182. Charter Subsection 2(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including  freedom of the press and other media of communication. The corruption and coverups within the Alberta Government has made Mr. Sewak afraid to live in Alberta, to voice his opinions or  contact the media. 

183. Charter Subsection 2(d) freedom of association. Mr. Sewak has fear of his association  with his race, color and religion because he feels like any day the police will drag him out of his  house and throw him into jail. 

184. Charter Subsection 7 Life, liberty and security of person, Everyone has the right to life,  liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance  with the principles of fundamental justice. Mr. Sewak was violated and is violated of this charter  right every day.


185. Charter Subsection 8, Search or seizure, Every one has the right to be secure against  unreasonable search or seizure. As described in section 157 to 160, the police illegally entered  Mr. Sewak’s home and charged him on false reasons. 

186. Charter Subsection 9, Detention or imprisonment, Everyone has the right not to be  arbitrarily detained or imprisoned. Mr. Sewak was arbitrarily charged and detained in numerous  occasions which described within this claim. The judges, judged Mr. Sewak on his color of his  skin, his race and or his look not on the evidence before them. Mr. Sewak was arbitrarily convicted and sent to jail. 

187. Charter Subsection 10(a) Everyone has the right on arrest or detention to be informed  promptly of the reasons therefor; as described in section 152 to 156 Mr. Sewak was misinformed  of the reasons why he was being arrested and charged and was illegally arrested and charged. 

188. Charter Subsection 11(b) Proceedings in criminal and penal matters, Any person charged  with an offence has the right to be tried within a reasonable time; Mr. Sewak’s Public Mischief  charge and other charges took over 2 years to trial and kept Mr. Sewak from travelling and other  freedoms with the charge weighing over his head. 

189. Charter Subsection 12, Treatment or punishment, Everyone has the right not to be  subjected to any cruel and unusual treatment or punishment. Mr. Sewak endured many injuries  and went through a cruel punishment, just being in the horrors of jail and gangs that the public  does not know about. As described in section 36, 37 and 38 Mr. Sewak went through cruel  punishments at fort Saskatchewan correction and at Lethbridge corrections. 

190. Charter Subsection 15(1) Equality Rights Marginal note: Equality before and under law  and equal protection and benefit of law. Every individual is equal before and under the law and  has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in  particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex,  age or mental or physical disability. All or many prior trials, arrests and jail time records of  individuals will prove that Mr. Sewak was not treated equally, in fact the justice system has  committed hate crimes against Mr. Sewak using the justice system and at all times in these  occurrences arbitrarily arrested, charged, convicted and sentenced Mr. Sewak to jail. 

P. Damages 

As a result of the Racism, Bigotry, Xenophobia, Chauvinism, Conspiracy, Alberta’s misfeasance in  public and political office, Mr. Sewak endured years of torture with these wrongful charges, arrests,  convictions and jail time and has direct and indirectly suffered the following damages: 

191. severe and permanent psychological, physical and emotional trauma; 192. Loss of income;


c) Loss of further social development, leading to permanent social impairments; d) Worsening physical health because of inadequate medical support, and harsh jail conditions e) Many threats and assaults 

f) Mental trauma by association of gangs, deaths and threats 

g) Loss of trust in law and justice 

h) loss of sleep; 

j) loss of trust in others; 

h) loss of self-confidence; 

J) loss of income; Bank records will prove Mr. Sewak was making $800,000.00 a year net profit and  was at the peak of his businesses prior to having to go to jail. 

k) loss of opportunity for future income;  

l) serious post-trawnatic stress disorder. 

m) a 21,000 sq ft building owned by Mr. Sewak was for sale for $3,500,000.00 through colliers. The  deal was pending to go through with a cannabis production license which was acquired by a team  member. The days of the closing, Mr. Sewak was ordered to go to jail so the deal could not be  completed. Right now a building like that with a cannabis license is worth 10 to 15 million dollars. 

n) Massive damage to businesses income and development 

o) massive damage to Mr. Sewak’s reputation 

p) the inability to travel for business and pleasure 

q) massive damage to Mr. Sewak’s marriage 

r) all legal fees, time and effort paid 

s) physically and mentally abused by legal authorities 

t) Criminal record 

193. All attempts to contact the federal government in these issues were redirected to deal  with the Alberta Government staff. Alberta and Canada not only failed to come to Shaneil’s 


aid, in violation of his rights, but Alberta Justice system actively, knowingly, and willfully  participated in harming Mr. Sewak. Alberta’s acts in both failing to 

prevent the wrongful arrests, charges and convictions of Mr. Sewak and in fact actively participating in coverup and conspiracies were malicious, oppressive and high-handed and would offend the  court’s sense of decency. Alberta’s acts were such a significant departure from a normal sense of  decency, and Alberta and Canada’s obligation to protect Canadian citizens detained, arrested,  charged and convicted because of their race and or color of their skin. 

194. As identified in all of this claim, Alberta and Canada’s failure to protect Mr. Sewak’s charter rights ss. 2(a), 2(b), 2(d), 7, 8, 9, 10(a), 11(b), 11(d), 12, 15(1), of the Charter; represents a significant departure from Canada’s obligation to its citizens and makes the  application of Charter damages a just and appropriate response to Canada’s actions, both to repair  the Plaintiff and to deter future similar actions by Canada and or its provinces and its territories. In fact Alberta went one step further and violated all these charter rights ss. 2(a), 2(b), 2(d), 7,  8, 9, 10(a), 11(b), 11(d), 12, 15(1), of Mr. Sewak’s. 


195. The Plaintiff pleads and relies on the following international conventions which Canada has ratified: 

a) United Nations Convention Against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (defined above as UN-CAT); 

b) International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights; 

c) International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination 

196. In addition, the Plaintiff pleads and relies upon the provisions of the Canadian Charter  of 

Rights and Freedoms, including ss. ss. 2(a), 2(b), 2(d), 7, 8, 9, 10(a), 11(b), 11(d), 12, 15(1), but not  limited to these sections. 

197. The Plaintiff proposes that this action be tried in Toronto. 

198.This claim was created on the advice of the Human Rights Commission in Canada and  the International Human Rights Commission of the United Nations. 

199.This claim’s originally created and filed by the Plaintiff and the Plaintiff apologizes for  any errors or procedures incorrectly followed. Because of how serious this claim is, the Palintiff is in search for the appropriate atotrneys to continue this claim and due to  corruption and conspiracies within the Alberta Government, the plaintiff needs time. All  dates will be confirmed prior to trial. 

200.This claim is to influence a change in Canada and especially in Alberta. This country of  Canada is a beautiful country with beautiful people. There are so many of us colored  people who wish to coexist equally with the rest of the population as we raise our kids  and work hard for a better life here in Canada. Unfortunately most of us live in fear here  in Canada and that fear is developed into our children. Mr. Sewak prays his pain and  suffering can make a difference.


Plaintiff contact information 

Shaneil Sewak 

Address for service: Suite 410, 316 Windermere Road NW, Edmonton AB, T6W 2Z8 Email: 

Phone Number: 780-909-8343


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